ICOH History

The congress proceedings along its first 100 years of life

Here is the Beta version of a repository that will allow access to the ICOC Congress proceedings from its origins to today. At the moment, the database contains the IOCH first-century proceedings, allowing to search all the scientific contributions presented at the Congresses from 1906 to 2006. You can search by author, by word of the title, by year of the Congress. It is possible to view the results of the online research, but also to download the relevant congress documents, on which it will be possible to perform a full text search.

ICOH history

ICOH history from 1906 by its International Congresses.

ICOH along its 112 years of life has played a basic role in spreading occupational medicine world wide in spite of institutional troubles, two world wars, headquarters move: hence the documentation kept up to date is rather poor.

An internationally wide research would be necessary, covering both the disciplinary issues and the institutional, organizational and political-cultural problems encountered in such a broad organization, with a systematic digging out on sources available in the different countries.

As a first step and in view of systematization, the series of congress proceedings available at the Library of “Clinica del Lavoro” of Milan have been chronologically ordered within the current scenario. The latter materials are being re-ordered and informatized and will be an invaluable tool to go more in-depth of occupational health history at international level. Thanks to the courtesy of the Clinica staff, it is now possible to make available in open access all the proceedings of the congresses concerning the first century of life of the ICOH, namely the first 29 international congresses, held from 1906 to 2006 in different countries of the world. The texts presented here represent a precious basis for studying the issues of the history of occupational medicine on an international basis, the evolution of interests, the role and importance of authors, the progressive extension of the field of occupational medicine to new problems and new geopolitical and economic contexts.

The system will allow you to search for individual contributions by keywords and author, to view the search results, to access the contribution of interest and possibly proceed to download the relevant pdf file. This system represents the beta version of a repository under construction, designed to collect and enhance in an organized and interrelated form different types of documentation, in particular archival and print sources or also visual sources, which will allow to contextualize the historical series of congresses gathered in this first work phase. The repository will also be organized so as to contain a series of common metadata that will provide the possibility of access to different materials, in an open access and semantic search logic, and will be accompanied by a dedicated thesaurus, related to occupational diseases and injuries at work.

These are the reasons why Italian occupational health milieus decided to organize an international Congress dedicated to occupational health issues.

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